Accounting for Bitcoin – May 2015 Edition

Summer’s almost here, and as we look out the window and then glance back into our office, we can’t help but also notice a lot of the new content that’s bring springing up here at Libra. It’s been a busy month, but exciting all-the-same. We love being part of this awesome Bitcoin community. As Bitcoin users and enthusiasts, alike, we’re all in this together – like surfers lining up in anticipation, awaiting great waves of tidal change.

So, without further ado, here’s where we’d like to share from our part of the sea – new stuff related to accounting for Bitcoin we’ve put out this month:

Formalizing Accounting Solutions for Bitcoin with Major Wallet & Exchange Integrations

Every week Libra is accounting at the speed of Bitcoin. We’re always working to integrate with new wallets and exchanges. Just about every major one is now integrated with our platform. Libra is one of the only providers that enables industry-recognized accounting and compliance solutions on top of the blockchain.

A Slew of New Product Updates

ABC. Always be coding. That’s our engineering team here at Libra. This past month we announced a bunch of new product updates that our users have been taking advantage of during the latter portion of the month. Here’s a summary of them in case you still haven’t logged in to find out what’s in store for your account.

5 Helpful Reports for Businesses Accepting Bitcoin

Our Libra for Business users have several reports they can utilize that give a complete perspective of everything they need to know in relation to their digital currency use and acceptance with their business.

A New Way for Individuals to Connect with Accountants with Digital Currency Expertise

A significant portion of our users have highly technical and in some cases, very complex accounting needs that simply just can’t be solved without the insight of a certified public accountant. In light of this, we’ve built Libra Connect.

365 Days of Reflection in Digital Currency Accounting

For over a year now, we’ve been building, refactoring, enhancing and leading the charge into accounting for Bitcoin and digital currencies. Learn more about how you can get started efficiently staying on top of your Bitcoin and digital currency use through utilizing many of the innovations we’ve released during the past 365 days.

A Lot of the Future

Our regular video series “The Future of Money” is gaining steam with no signs of slowing down. This path month we were joined by Dr. James Canton and Tom Hood. Both of these professionals shared some great thought-leadership with us and the rest of our Libra community about accounting, finance, digital currency and of course, the future of money.


…and that’s all for May! Cheers to the moon! Let’s see what’s in store for Bitcoin (especially accounting for it) next month in June! 🙂