Announcing LibraCoin – APRIL FOOLS :)

What could possibly be more fun than filing and paying your taxes?  Getting paid* to do your taxes – that’s what.

Today we are proud to announce LibraCoin – the token which enables you to use our software – the accounting software of the future.

Here is how it works:

A pre-sale of LibraCoin has already started, and we’ve sold over 5 billion.  Tokens for the pre-sale are called LibraToken. LibraTokens will later convert to LibraCoin at a rate which is determined by the federated hashing protocol we developed over the last week of research.  It has been peer reviewed so you can trust it.

When you want to actually use your LibraCoin, you will have to convert them to LibraSatoshis.  LibraSatoshis then convert to LibraBits at a rate determined by a decentralized exchange running on servers buried in bunkers.  We put the servers in a faraday cage too – so you can trust it.

Once you have LibraBits, it is simply un-encrypted by an open source standardized algorithm that we wrote last night.  We put the code on GitHub so you can trust it.

Finally, redeem your LibraBit by transferring it to the LibraWallet.  Once you have LibraBits in your LibraWallet, you can spend your LibraBits.  LibraBits have a coded scarcity so you can trust they have value.

LibraBits can be spent in our marketplace of accounting apps.  We will let the community build these apps, so they aren’t made yet.  But don’t worry, because a capitalist and free market ensures that demand for these apps will come.

Invest today!  Read our white paper here.

*Using our software rewards you in LibraCredits, which you can convert to LibraCoin, which we promise will always be worth $10.  We have investors who can back this up, so you can trust it.



We actually got a great kick out of this!

Subject: Sorry to hear about libracoin

Message Body:
Please reconsider launching an altcoin. I think you were building a good, trusted brand. Altcoins are associated with scams. I’d like to know that you’ll be around a year or 3 from now, and not taken down by some gov agency for doing an IPO or profiting from some token.

I mean this sincerely, you’re the most trusted name in bitcoin tax right now. LibraTAX.  I think you’re valuable to bitcoin, and really want you guys to stay stable and trusted.