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Trident Trust Crypto Fund Administration Practice

Lukka provides technology, data, professional services, and bespoke financial reporting to support monthly NAV calculations for over 50 crypto hedge funds across the globe.

The Problem

Trident Trust is a global leader in the fund administration space with footprints across multiple continents. When Trident first entered the crypto space in 2017, they had to collect their clients’ crypto transactional data through mechanisms that were often cumbersome and unsustainable (i.e., manual input, files, screenshots, etc.). Once the data was collected, Trident would use spreadsheets to apply price and derive the trading activity value. The last step was also cumbersome and required Trident to manually transform the data into a format that was easily consumable by traditional fund accounting systems.

The Solution

In 2018 Trident became Lukka’s first fund administration customer. The first service Lukka provided for Trident was support for fund data collection and account balance calculations and valuation for crypto-fiat spot trades. Working with Trident, the Customer Success team used Lukka Enterprise Software to assist the data transformation and delivered standardized reports in a format that could be directly loaded into Trident’s accounting system.


As the hedge funds that Trident serves evolved and began trading more complex crypto assets and strategies, so did the breadth of support offered, backed by Lukka’s technology, data, and expertise. Lukka now helps Trident support crypto spot transactions, derivative transactions such as options/futures/swaps, lending, and staking activity, as well as transactions occurring on many Ethereum-based DeFi protocols. Lukka has automated reporting for Trident’s fund clients, allowing them to run their reports at any frequency needed and in any output.

The Results

  • Automated transaction data ingestion and account balance reconciliation for more than 50 crypto hedge funds historically.
  • The delivery of pricing and valuation data for 700+ crypto assets used to support monthly NAV calculations.
  • Automated reporting processes for each fund client that is formatted for direct upload into Trident’s primary accounting system without any manual intervention or data.

“We have been fortunate to find the right crypto technology partner in Lukka to help us support our clients’ growing needs”

Dan Smith

President | Trident Fund Services


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