Lukka™ Essentials

Everything you need to manage your crypto portfolio. Connect your accounts, see trades and balances, and make decisions about your portfolio in real time.

Why Lukka Essentials?

Lukka Essentials provides a comprehensive support for all your exchanges. Connect via API or upload historical files from exchanges, wallets, OTC desks, or any other sources of transaction data.

Manage your full crypto portfolio FREE without transaction limits

Connect your accounts, see your trades and balances in one place, and make decisions about your portfolio in real time.  


100% FREE with NO credit card required.

One screen for all of your accounts

One screen to see all of your accounts, connect your APIs and upload data in the blink of an eye. We have dozens of API connectors and pre-mapped hundreds of exchange files.  

See the Fair Market Value (FMV) of your balances across all of your exchanges

See your portfolio by asset, account, or exchange all valued at their USD Fair Market Value, even when 30 exchanges give you different prices.

Manage your data

We organize your messy crypto data into tax lots allowing you to report your capital gains with extreme accuracy. Essentials also provide support for income from mining, staking, and other transaction types.

Need help filing your crypto taxes?

Effortlessly generate tax reports inside Essentials and import easily into your tax software or provide to your tax preparer.  

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