Father’s Day is Next Weekend: Save 20% at and Help BitGive at the same time with Purse

We completely forgot next Sunday is Father’s Day, but we just wanted to take a minute here to share that we’re saving a bunch of money and giving to charity at the same time by shopping last minute and using Purse.

Here’s how Purse works:

Purse is also part of the Amazon Smile program, which means that if you give the OK for Purse to let Amazon do so, Amazon will donate .5% of your order total to any charity you choose.

Here at Libra, we’re stoked about saving money and we love supporting charities, especially those that are Bitcoin friendly. In the spirit of this, we want to do our part to support BitGive, a charity that’s close to our heart that’s also part of the Amazon Smile program.

In fact, we’re so into BitGive, that for the next few months we’ll match any and all of your donations through Purse via Amazon Smile – including anything any of you all buy that are in the same boat as us, doing some last minute shopping for Father’s Day! If you’d like to be part of this, you just need to go to Amazon and set BitGive as your Amazon Smile recipient.

From there, just go to Purse, sign-up or use your account and enable Amazon Smile to give to charity with a big discounts! 🙂


If you’re not already a Libra user, you can also sign-up for Libra for Individuals – it’s a free way to track your Bitcoin gains and losses on in real-time. Most people don’t realize that when they buy something with Bitcoin, it’s a potentially taxable event – it’s always important to know what your gain or loss is the moment it is redeemed compared to the price you acquired it at. Doing this by hand or with a spreadsheet was a complete headache – which is why we built Libra.