Libra, Bitcoin, BNY Mellon and The Wall Street Journal

Recently, Libra CEO and Founder Jake Benson was invited to speak at BNY Mellon’s Silicon Valley Technology Lab in lieu of his thought leadership and ingenuity to give a presentation on not just the tax implications of Bitcoin trading, but what it might entail for the future of money and accounting, which was recorded and can be replayed, below. Now, the Wall Street Journal has joined in on the conversation.

BNY Mellon has been and is actively exploring potential within the space. The Wall Street Journal has picked up on this as well and conducted an interview with executive and CIO Suresh Kumar, excerpted here:

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Bank of New York Mellon Corp.BK -0.15% is experimenting with bitcoin, the disruptive digital currency, which it views as a potential new way to conduct financial transactions. But the bank is still working through the challenges of using the open source technology, whose decentralized architecture differs from the traditional computer systems businesses run today.

“We want to try it out to see the applicability of [Bitcoin] in our businesses,” CIO Suresh Kumar, told CIO Journal in a meeting at the bank’s innovation center here Wednesday.





We’re very excited about the prospects of what the future may hold as 2015 unwinds and more established enterprises enter the Bitcoin space.