Libra Charts are here.

Finally, a way to see your digital assets in motion. We’re excited to deliver this feature as it has been the most requested among our users, and indeed, a feature remarkably absent from wallets and exchanges themselves!

Now, with Libra Charts, everyone can visually reference the performance of their assets in Libra, across wallets and across different exchanges, all in one place, historically and in real-time.

This was a challenge to do because most people have accounts and wallets with multiple services, stored “on” or “off” blockchain. So we’ve been busy integrating and partnering with major wallets and exchanges to bring this feature home.

Now, a few hundred coffees later (and also a few several drinks when we were working late) we’re happy to announce that Libra Charts are live. This is the first step in our direction beyond tax compliance, to globally provide users with a full dashboard and a comprehensive view of every financial metric relating to their digital assets, all in one place, with a beautiful and intuitive interface.

As we’ve been testing Libra Charts over the past few days, we decided to have a little fun and see how some well-known bitcoin addresses have fared over time. Here’s a few we’ve been looking at:

Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2nd Block with 50 mined bitcoin:

One of the 9 wealthiest addresses w/ 66K BTC:

Tim Draper’s First Silk Road Auction Winnings:

Or hypothetically, what would your portfolio look like if you bought one bitcoin every two weeks for the last year?

Have you seen how your digital asset positions are performing?

Login and find out! 🙂

P.S. If you are running any sort of digital currency or digital asset service and want to extend this feature to your users, please reach out to us. Libra has an API and platform built to accommodate any underlying asset and even multiple FX.