Libra Connect Helps Bitcoin Users Find a CPA with Digital Currency Expertise

Over the past year here at Libra, it’s become very clear that a significant portion of our users have highly technical and in some cases, very complex accounting needs that simply just can’t be solved without the insight of a certified public accountant. In light of this, we’ve built Libra Connect.

Libra Connect is a free feature that we provide to all users that allows anyone to be able tap into our network, on-demand, and reach out to a number of certified public accountants who may be able to offer optimal guidance in relation to ones digital currency activities. We’ve selected these CPAs based on their extensive background and solid reputations in the digital currency space, specifically Bitcoin, and their strong backgrounds in the accountancy space in general.

Using Libra Connect is very simple. If you already have an account at Libra, simply login and click the “Hire a Professional” link in the top-right corner of the page.

From there, simply fill out the form on the subsequent page and select a CPA or accounting group that you’d like to contact for more information and an opinion on to determine if they might be a good candidate for you to hire to manage your particular accounting needs.

If you don’t already have an account with Libra to do the above, you can sign up for free and follow the same steps as previously mentioned.


Already used Libra Connect? Let us know your experience.

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