Libra Now Available as an Official Coinbase App

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently been approved to enter into the Coinbase app marketplace. This means we’ve integrated via the Coinbase API so that we can seamlessly provide any of our services in just a few simple clicks to any Coinbase user.  The Coinbase dev team was excellent to work with and they have great support.

Coinbase users can now benefit from any of our services, LibraTax for Individuals, Libra Business for Merchants and/or Libra Pro for Accounting and Tax Professionals. Through this official integration, transactions are automatically imported to Libra. This allows accounting, reporting and tax calculation to be done in minutes, seamlessly.

Libra’s services are detailed as follows:

  • LibraTax for Individuals allows digital currency users to easily calculate their realize gain or loss on-demand, and provides end-of-year tax reporting and cost-basis calculations needed to compliantly report when it’s time to file taxes.
  • Libra Business provides additional enhancements such as monthly reporting and several standard accounting reports in addition to all of the features of LibraTax for Individuals.
  • Libra Pro allows any accounting or tax professional to manage multiple clients almost effortlessly and includes all features available in LibraTax for Individuals and Libra Business.

Our Coinbase App is available now – to take advantage of this integration, simply sign up for Libra or login to your existing account. There, from your homepage – the Transaction History page – simply click “Import Transactions” in the top-left corner of the page. On the subsequent screen, in the “Choose an online account to import from…” drop-down, choose Coinbase and click “Import”:

Your transactions will be automatically imported after you authorize your account.

Note: Once your transactions are imported it is important to do a quick scan to make sure you categorize any Transfers you made to other wallets as such.  Also, if any transactions were gifts or donations, you will need to identify those as well.

If at any point in time you have a question when using Libra, simply click the “Have a Question?” link in the top-right corner of any of the pages you’re logged into in our system. We’re happy to help!!!