What is Lukka Prime?

The crypto ecosystem is dynamic and increasingly complex; but enterprises and institutions still require accurate financial reporting of digital assets. Determining fair market value, based on executed prices from identified principal exchanges, is a critical component of accurate, compliant reporting.


Lukka Prime is the world’s first and only transparent crypto-to-crypto pricing methodology specifically designed to meet those requirements with the objective of adhering to GAAP and IFRS guidance.


Lukka Prime Intraday

Provides a near real-time gauge of the market by delivering minute-by-minute asset pricing on a 60 second delay


Lukka Prime Hourly

By reporting on a 60 minute delay, Lukka Prime Hourly is able to capture more data points, providing a higher degree of accuracy for each price


Lukka Prime End of Day

Ensures maximum accuracy of minute-by-minute asset pricing by capturing a full day’s trading activity before reporting (Available T+1)

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