PwC Alliance & Libra Enterprise Product!

It’s here! Libra is proud to reveal our Enterprise Solution! Believe it or not, the evolution began the day we founded a little over 2 years ago. While the initial focus was on perfecting our industry leading flagship consumer product, deploying enterprise grade solutions has been our vision all along.  When Libra was founded in early 2014, alt-coins were still en vogue, and the ecosystem was not in a stable state of maturity to support industrial strength enterprise tech.

Now, fast forward a couple of years and most major financial institution are running its flavor of a blockchain proof-of-concept. Today, talented blockchain professionals are scarce, corporations are forming strategic innovation teams to learn how distributed ledgers can benefit their organizations, and high-level talent is starting to shake from the incumbent trees to join the blockchain ecosystem.

Throughout all of this, Libra successfully continues to build on it’s brand while navigating the course we set out from the beginning: to build professional grade software for distributed ledger systems.

And on this point, Libra Enterprise delivers!  Our solution is blockchain, asset, and industry agnostic. We have also developed a multi-stack solution where each layer is independent, but when used together, enable a complete solution connecting blockchain apps to end users.

Overall, we are laser-focused on the success of your POC, and believe we can help by providing system compatibility, management tools to increase business value, and give you exceptional user comfort through our easy-to-use interface.  Remember, if you want to move to a pilot, you’ve *got* to engage your business executive stakeholders, and for many…seeing is believing!

In addition to rolling out our Enterprise Solution, we are proud to announce a new alliance with PwC Australia.  By forming this Joint Business Relationship, Libra becomes an instant global player in the APAC market…very exciting news for us!!

You will be hearing more good news from Libra very soon, and please enjoy the refresh of our website!