Using Bitcoin To Give Back

LibraTax (@Libra_Tax), the premiere accounting platform for digital currencies, and ChangeTip (@ChangeTip), the leader in micropayments for giving and generosity, will headline the DigiGive Conference (@digi_giveMarch 26th in New York City.  The conference, hosted by Socialgence, will bring together technology companies and non-profits like never before.

“Bitcoin is quite likely the easiest way to give, and it could become the most popular as well.  Charities are quickly going to learn and start taking advantage of that.  We’ve got an excellent opportunity at the DigiGive conference to educate more of these organizations about digital donations and provide them the tools to start accepting bitcoin the easiest and most compliant way possible,” said Jake Benson, CEO, LibraTax.

Mr. Benson and Ms. Victoria van Eyk, VP, Community Development of ChangeTip, will participate in the first panel of the event, entitled “Innovations in Social Finance.” It will be moderated by Mr. Marc Hochstein, editor-in-chief of American Banker.

The event will bring together 250 leaders in the non-profit, finance, and technology sectors for the first time to develop strategies and understand best practices for digital currencies in the social sector.

“By reducing friction – the cognitive load, time and cost – around payments to as simple as sending a Tweet, we can create new human behaviours, many of which we see transforming giving,” explains Victoria van Eyk, head of community for ChangeTip.  “Certainly, charities and causes are going to benefit from this technology.”

The conference will be held March 25-26th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. It will be hosted by Socialgence, a consultancy that develops strategies for companies, non-profits, and governments to excel in social responsibility. Registration is available at



LibraTax is the premiere accounting platform for digital currencies. Founded in March, 2014, the company’s innovative software allows individuals and businesses to optimize their US tax filings. For more information, visit and email [email protected]



ChangeTip is the love button for Internet. As the leader in micropayments for giving and generosity, ChangeTip integrates payment processing with social media, Bitcoin, and the web at large to transform the idea of a “like” into a method of financial appreciation. For more information, visit and email [email protected]