Using Libra’s Platform – Keyrus announces industry-leading blockchain connectors for Qlik Sense and Alteryx

Keyrus, an international consultancy in Data Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Management, is excited to release the industry- leading blockchain connectors for the popular self-service data tools: Qlik Sense and Alteryx.

These connectors make blockchain data as simple to connect to as standard data sources. This allows business users to immediately start joining, analyzing, and visualizing data alongside non-blockchain sources such as customer information, financial performance, and sales/marketing activity. This connection will be crucial for blockchain projects to successfully integrate with enterprise-scale requirements.

Underlying these connectors is Libra, the management information layer for blockchain technology. Libra connects to any blockchain protocol, and transforms the raw data into a useable format to suit business needs.

Blockchain technology offers cryptographically secured, decentralized, immutable records of transactions. This can potentially reduce complexity, increase transparency, and improve the speed of transactions between parties. Governments, financial institutions, and private companies are beginning to explore use cases including cross-border money transfer, digital identity, Internet of Things, patient records, election voting, and many others.

“Blockchain technology is not a new black box where data is lost in encryption. With industrial scale projects, data management – including visualization, reporting, and analytics – is a core part of the design. With Keyrus, and its 20+ years of Data Intelligence Expertise, we placed Blockchain Data Management with a leading position in our Blockchain value proposal. I am proud to offer our customers a fully self-service suite based on leading business intelligence solutions.” explains Hannah Curtis, Principal Consultant at Keyrus US.

“We’re thrilled to reveal the work that we have done with our trusted partner, Keyrus. Enabling popular business intelligence software to consume data from blockchains is a major step forward for the industry.  As distributed ledger technology proliferates in the enterprise world, this solution will be an essential supplement to any implementation”, declares Jake Benson, Founder & CEO of Libra.

To download the connectors please visit:

Alteryx Gallery:!app/Keyrus-Blockchain-Connector/581a14fcf499c704688b4c13

Qlik Branch:!/project/581cbfd8f42638543aeba262

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