Bloomberg Adds Lukka Prime, The First Institutional Fair Market Value Crypto Data Provider, On The Bloomberg Terminal And B-Pipe

Lukka Prime data available under wire code ‘LUKK’

New York, NY| (September 20, 2022) – Lukka, the leading institutional crypto software and data provider, announced today that it will now be available through Bloomberg, in Terminals and through Bloomberg’s enterprise redistribution platform, B-Pipe.

The Bloomberg Terminal has chosen Lukka as the first institutional provider of Fair Market Value (FMV) crypto asset data to offer to its global customer base. In an increasingly scrutinized industry where standards and rules are still developing, topics such as price manipulation and data quality are in the spotlight. Lukka’s proprietary methodology provides FMV of actively-traded crypto assets, fully compatible with GAAP, IFRS, as well as IRS rules, and today is used by audit firms, some of the biggest banks, exchanges, fund administrators, funds, trading firms and so on. This methodology has proven to solve use cases beyond just accounting – Lukka Prime mitigates manipulation through the application of a very transparent methodology while preserving the core characteristics and principles of FMV, such as using executed prices instead of any form of an average or model-based price. 

Both Terminal (wire code LUKK) and B-Pipe Bloomberg users now have access to Lukka Prime pricing data for 50 crypto assets.  Lukka Prime is designed to align with GAAP and IFRS guidelines. It allows businesses trading in crypto access to a reliable FMV even in the absence of a primary market, closing day, and other traditionally necessary factors. Terminal users can now bring institutional level consistency and reliability to their crypto data analysis by using Lukka Prime. You can read more about the Lukka Prime methodology on the Lukka website:

“Recently, we have seen risk management practices across the crypto ecosystem stress tested more and more every day.” says Robert Materazzi, CEO at Lukka. “This has forced businesses to increase their focus on operational risk management which has highlighted the importance of data quality. Lukka Prime’s unique institutional focus on data quality is precisely why it is being used by most of the risk mature companies in the crypto world.” 

“Our mission is to help the global institutional investor community to seamlessly incorporate digital assets into their workflows in a trusted and familiar way, on the Bloomberg Terminal,” says Alex Wenham, product manager for cryptocurrencies at Bloomberg. “As this market develops, we will continue to evolve our data-driven offerings to help our clients define and develop their strategies in this space.”

For more information on how to find Lukka products in Bloomberg, please contact your Bloomberg representative.

About Lukka

Founded in 2014, Lukka serves the most risk mature businesses in the world with institutional data and software solutions. Lukka bridges the gap between the complexities of blockchain data and traditional business needs. Its customers include both Traditional and Crypto Asset Exchanges and Trading desks, CPA & Accounting Firms, Fund and Financial Auditors, Fund Administrators, Miners, Protocols, individuals, and any other businesses interacting with crypto assets. All of Lukka’s products are created with institutional standards, such as AICPA SOC Controls, which focus on accuracy and completeness. Lukka is a global company headquartered in the United States.For information about Lukka, visit

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