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Crypto Benchmarks

The most reliable, comprehensive, and flexible digital asset benchmark services available in the world today.

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Do you trust your crypto data?

Providing transparency into crypto financial data.

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How do you determine the FMV of an actively traded crypto asset?

Gain precision in crypto asset valuation with Lukka Prime.

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Is crypto on your balance sheet?

Lukka brings transparency and trust to your back office with our Enterprise Data Management Solutions.

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Implied Volatility and Interest Rates
for digital assets.

Yes, they exist. Talk to our quantitative data team today.

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Forensic accounting for crypto assets

Lukka was purpose-built for institutions to make sense of large volumes of crypto transactions making forensic accounting possible.

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Tailored Blockchain Data Solutions

Lukka provides the world’s most trusted and accurate data and software solutions that streamline the middle and back-office and power the future of global finance. Our institutional-grade products are built within an AICPA SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II infrastructure and raise the standards through hands-on experience serving the most complex businesses in crypto. Lukka’s solutions are used by the top financial institutions, enterprises, tax professionals, and the savviest consumers around the globe.

Lukka Enterprise SaaS

Unleash the power of Lukka’s Enterprise Data Management for comprehensive digital asset handling.

Lukka Reference Data

Elevate your understanding and management of digital assets with Lukka's comprehensive data suite.

Pricing and Market Data

Elevate your financial reporting and market analysis with Lukka's Pricing & Valuation Data.

Lukka Benchmarks

The most reliable, comprehensive, and  flexible digital asset benchmark services available in the world today.

Quantitative Risk & Analytics Data

Advance your market strategy with Lukka Quantitative Risk & Analytics Data.

Blockchain Analytics & Compliance

Explore advanced industry-leading blockchain analytics and investigations solutions.

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