CEO of Lukka, Robert Materazzi, appears on the Crypto 101 Podcast

Lukka’s CEO, Robert Materazzi, recently discussed how Lukka is becoming the crucial backbone of crypto on the Crypto 101 podcast. Robert and host Bryce Paul discussed the complexities crypto native companies and traditional finance face when interacting in the crypto ecosystem.

The pair covered the specific data difficulties businesses face when trading digital assets, including crypto. Robert explained the need for accurate, complete data and how Lukka offers software solutions to organize data securely and accurately.

Robert also spoke to the changing regulatory and risk landscape businesses need to consider when managing risk, especially as digital assets face further scrutiny from governing bodies. He outlined the critical role regulators and standard setters face in supporting innovation and shaping the ecosystem’s future.

When Robert was asked what he sees as one of the biggest challenges for the industry moving forward, he highlighted the need for businesses entering the crypto ecosystem to educate themselves on how the space is changing. For businesses and consumers who want to learn more about crypto, Lukka Library is a content database filled with resources authored by some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders on crypto tax, regulation, and other foundational subjects.

To listen to the full podcast follow the link below:

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