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IHS Markit Leverages Lukka’s Crypto Asset Data

Lukka delivers institutional-quality crypto asset pricing and reference data to IHS Markit for client redistribution and fund valuation services.


The Problem


An absence of institutional-quality crypto asset data that can be used for business operations and portfolio/holdings valuation. Businesses require both reference data and pricing and valuation data to interact with the crypto asset ecosystem. Reference data is needed to normalize and standardize the messy data and data formatting issues that arise when extracting data or interacting with the crypto-asset ecosystem. Pricing and valuation data is required to properly value these assets in accordance with GAAP and IFRS guidelines as well as guidelines laid out by agencies and regulators such as the IRS and SEC.


The Solution


IHS Markit redistributes both Lukka Reference Data and Lukka Prime Pricing Data to its institutional clients through its long-standing, institutional-quality delivery channels.


The Results


  • Funds and other businesses can access Lukka’s institutional-quality crypto asset data through IHS Markit’s already existing infrastructure
  • IHS Markit can provide portfolio valuation services to their fund clients that invest in crypto assets and crypto asset products

“Our partnership with Lukka will deliver financial institutions seamless access to a best-of-breed solution for Fair Market Value pricing on cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. As the demand for these innovative holdings continues to grow, this collaboration expands the strength of our comprehensive and industry-leading valuations expertise, while bringing financial markets additional transparency on complex and dynamic assets.”

Tasha Gonska

Head of Americas Business Development | IHS Markit

Products Used


S&P DJI Crypto Indices

Lukka powers the S&P Cryptocurrency indices with Lukka Prime; the world’s first Fair Market Value pricing and valuation for crypto assets.

The Problem

Funds require benchmarks provided by trusted index calculation agents to measure and compare portfolio performance.  These benchmarks must be backed by data that align to both the needs of the fund and current guidance by regulators like the SEC. Additionally, financial institutions looking to create investable products, like mutual funds and OTC derivatives, must have underlying pricing and valuation data to create, value, and settle these new investment products

The Solution

Institutional-quality crypto-asset indices that utilize Lukka Prime Pricing Data, the world’s first Fair Market Value pricing and valuation data for crypto assets, with management and calculation done by S&P Dow Jones Indices, the leading provider of benchmarks and investable indices. Lukka provides Fair Market Value pricing and valuation for over 900 individual crypto assets, which S&P receives and incorporates into more than a dozen crypto-asset indices that track the performance of individual assets like Bitcoin and Ether as well as composite indices that track the performance of hundreds of crypto assets.

The Results

  • 8 institutional-quality crypto-asset indices 
  • Custom index creation capabilities for firms that require bespoke index solutions

“With digital assets such as cryptocurrencies becoming a rapidly emerging asset class, the time is right for independent, reliable and user-friendly benchmarks. We’re excited to work with Lukka, who has been at the forefront of digital asset data services, to promote more transparency in this nascent sector.”

Peter Roffman

Global Head of Innovation and Strategy | S&P Dow Jones Indices


Products Used

Enterprise Data

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