Lukka Announces Crypto Implied Volatility and Crypto Implied Interest Rates 

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the industry’s first and only complete suite of data products focused on crypto exchange-traded derivatives. Our team developed a suite of products built to give customers all the necessary data to analyze, value and risk-manage complex crypto derivatives, while maintaining our focus on the highest standard of institutional quality. 

Four unique product offerings are available, all normalized via Lukka Reference Data and built to the standards that institutions require. The products are broken down into:

Two derived data products:

  1. Lukka Implied Volatility
  2. Lukka Implied Interest Rates

Two pricing and market data products:

  1. Crypto Derivative Market Data 
  2. Lukka Prime – Fair Market Valuation

These data products were specifically designed and executed by the Lukka team of crypto quantitative analysts. They have normalized complex data sets created by crypto transactions and made them immediately usable by customers’ traders, data analysts, and risk managers.

Lukka’s products make dealing in the crypto ecosystem far more accessible as businesses don’t have to waste many man-years of resources painstakingly combing through datasets and trying to create complex models out of incomplete data. Our company’s institutional-quality data solutions focused on comprehensive coverage, accuracy, and completeness. For more information about Lukka Enterprise Data, please go to


About Lukka:

Founded in 2014, Lukka serves the most risk mature businesses in the world with institutional data and software solutions. Lukka bridges the gap between the complexities of blockchain data and traditional business needs. Its customers include both Traditional and Crypto Asset Exchanges and Trading desks, CPA & Accounting Firms, Fund and Financial Auditors, Fund Administrators, Miners, Protocols, individuals, and any other businesses interacting with crypto assets. All of Lukka’s products are created with institutional standards, such as AICPA SOC Controls, which focus on accuracy and completeness. Lukka is a global company headquartered in the United States.

For information about Lukka, visit

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