Lukka Announces New Connectivity Partners to Drive Institutional Crypto Asset Adoption

By Duke Kim, Director Sales and Account Management, Lukka, Inc.



It is Lukka’s mission to make crypto assets accountable. We are accomplishing that by building software and data products that transform distributed and decentralized data into auditable financial information. In this way, Lukka helps drive the institutional adoption of digital assets.


The first step in this journey begins with building connectivity to the digital asset ecosystem. This is critical to being able to properly source and aggregate the transactional data that forms the foundation for accurate digital asset financial information.


In this first installment of our blog series dedicated to announcing new digital asset ecosystem connectivity, I’d like to discuss how connectivity for fund managers, and their administrators, is critical to success – of operational control, financial reporting, alpha generation, and risk management.


An important element of making crypto assets accountable is to automate the collection of trade, transfer and fee data. Importantly, removing the need to periodically pull down trade data via .CSV files or to snap screen-shots helps reduce errors and mitigate risk.


To that end, the Lukka team works tirelessly to provide customers with the industry’s broadest and deepest set of automated connectors. With an extensive Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering that includes exchanges, wallets, blockchains, smart contracts, OTC desks, pricing services, banks, mining pools, and custodians, Lukka clients are embracing digital asset transactions with ease and confidence.


Further, new venues are added to the service each month. We are very excited to announce in this blog our latest set of connectors: (in alphabetical order) Anchorage Digital, Coinbase Custody, CoinRoutes*, SFOX and Tagomi.


(*The CoinRoutes integration is enabled by logging into CoinRoutes and entering your Lukka Credentials)


The selection of a crypto asset processing platform with a broad array of automated connectors, such as Lukka Crypto Office, helps make the distributed and decentralized world of digital assets less chaotic. This is especially evident when sourcing liquidity with minimal slippage, reconciling trade and transfer activity, and calculating NAV.


With this latest round of Lukka connectivity integrations, mutual customers of the connected custody platforms (Anchorage Digital, Coinbase Custody, BitGo), can leverage Lukka Crypto Office to visualize, report, and manage risk assets. Similarly, clients using trading platforms such as CoinRoutes and SFOX and prime brokers like Tagomi can rest easy, knowing that regardless of the execution platform or strategy chosen, transactional activity will flow smoothly from executing broker to back office.


In addition to the release of this latest round of connectors, the Lukka team is busy refining our ‘Universal File Upload’ function. This “magical” capability allows users to easily upload transaction files in any native exchange format, significantly expediting the data collection and reconciliation processes. We are also hard at work on additional connectors requested by our customers… so stay tuned for the next installment in our Connectivity announcements blog series in the very near future!

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