Robert Materazzi on Institutional Crypto Custody

Lukka’s CEO, Robert Materazzi, on How Institutional Crypto Custody Has Arrived

Lukka’s CEO, Robert Materazzi, appeared on a panel hosted by Global Custodian titled Institutional Crypto Custody has Arrived. Robert addressed the entry of traditional custodians in the crypto ecosystem and explained how funds and fund administrators, that once only discussed crypto in the context of innovation labs, are now adopting it into their revenue-producing teams. 

On the panel, Robert went in depth on the potential risks custodians must consider when adopting crypto and how they can be mitigated through education and technology: “there is a huge learning curve because the rules we’ve used historically don’t fit when it comes to crypto assets,” further explaining that custodians should educate themselves and work within existing regulations to ensure they continue to act transparently and responsibly.

Robert’s key takeaway for business leaders new to the space is to start interacting with the ecosystem yourself. He told the panel that you can’t be an effective leader in the crypto ecosystem without getting involved “and seeing what [your clients] are doing.” For business leaders looking for a free crypto education, Lukka Library is a content database filled with articles, educational resources, and position papers from some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders on crypto tax, regulation, and many other subjects. If your business is looking for software and data solutions to help you manage crypto assets and their resulting data, Lukka serves the largest institutions with solutions specifically designed for the intricacies of blockchain and crypto data. Visit for more information.

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