Lukka’s CEO, Robert Materazzi, on the Thinking Crypto Podcast

Lukka’s CEO Robert Materazzi appeared on the Thinking Crypto Podcast to discuss crypto assets and institutional adoption. 

While on the podcast, Robert discussed how demand for digital assets from traditional finance has increased as crypto has entered the mainstream. He described how larger institutions had begun heavily investing in the ecosystem. He doesn’t expect that to slow down anytime soon, especially as the value of assets and demand continues to increase. 

Robert also spoke to the importance of responsible reporting and data management as crypto assets play a more significant role in the digital economy. Lukka provides asset management and reporting solutions based on a business’s unique needs with Enterprise Data and Software

For business leaders looking for a free crypto education, Lukka Library is a content database filled with articles, educational resources, and position papers from some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders on crypto tax, regulation, and many other subjects.

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