Tax and Business Reporting


Full-service business data reporting powered by our robust processing and reporting engine.

Full-Service Tax and Business Reporting

Leverage Lukka’s technology and Customer Success Team to deliver any type of business reports to any type of stakeholder.

Tax Forms

US or International Tax Forms for Common Reporting Standards (CRS). Lukka can process, prepare, and deliver 1099-B or any other US or international tax forms to your clients and regulators.


Lukka can:

Process gain/loss for any assets your clients trade.

Generate tax forms for millions of clients.

Work with partners to deliver tax forms to both your clients and regulators.

Learn more about the work done for LedgerX’s needs.

Net Asset Value (NAV) Reporting

Lukka will assist with reconciliations, processing, and valuation services to facilitate accurate NAV striking for you or your clients’ funds.

Processing that leverages Lukka’s institutional-grade engines.

Asset valuations driven by Lukka Prime Fair Market Pricing Data.

Flexible reporting frequencies to meet the needs of your fund or fund clients.

Cash and Crypto Asset Reconciliation

Lukka’s Customer Success Team consists of the foremost experts in complex cases involving blockchain and crypto asset data.

Reconcile asset balances across any number of accounts.

Infrastructure to support cases with billions of transactions.

Data experts to assist with the most complex of cases.

Bespoke Client Reporting

We will help optimize your clients’ experience with custom, white-labeled reports.

We care about your data.

Lukka is the only AICPA SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 digital asset reporting solution. Learn about our data protection measures, regular compliance checks, and the availability of our cloud services worldwide

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Tax and Business Reporting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Lukka Enterprise Data Management is right for any business involved in the crypto ecosystem. The more crypto transactions you have, the more tools and techniques are required to look over your data. Lukka Prime will solve those complex challenges for you.

Lukka Enterprise Software uses institutional grade data ingestion that includes 30+ APIs, 130+ pre-mapped file formats, and institutional quality node data. We also give our customers manual entry software features ensuring all data is precisely collected.

The crypto ecosystem is complex and has hundreds of exchanges, trading desks, wallets, and other businesses and there are no standard asset names, tickers, file formats, or data element formats. Lukka Reference Data solves this for you and is fully automated into Lukka’s Enterprise Software. Once you add all of your sources, regardless of the source or ticker, Bitcoin will be Bitcoin.

Lukka uses 50+ reconciliation reports and features to ensure completeness of data. Our Customer Success team is also available to assist your business with it’s data challenges.

Lukka processes your data with precision based on your needs. Lukka Reference Data maps and standardizes asset names, tickers, trading pairs, and more across hundreds of venues.
Our enterprise software allows you to configure your pricing feed based on standardized exchange data, design a VWAP or index calculation, and produce minute by minute, hourly, and daily price reports.

Lukka’s tax center allows for the generation of a capital gain/loss report, aligned to 8949, and an income and expense report.


For Enterprise clients, Lukka will automatically generate 1099-B forms for exchange clients and has the ability to generate other forms upon request.