The Future of Money – Episode 8 feat. Kirk Phillips

The Future of Money is a video interview every Monday with an accounting professional that has experience with individuals or businesses invested in digital currency. The interviews are conducted by our very talented Danetha Doe. Danetha is co-president of the Future of Accounting, a professional community of more than 300 accountants and software developers in San Francisco. An accomplished speaker and writer, she has also been featured on Huffington Post Live with Suze Orman, Mind Body Green, YFS Magazines, and other media for her business accomplishments and expertise in cloud accounting.

This week’s episode features Kirk Phillips. Kirk is an entrepreneur, certified public accountant (CPA) and a certified fraud examiner (CFE) who is passionate about technology and the possibilities for Bitcoin to disrupt, decentralize and bring transparency into the business world. Author of the forthcoming, The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide, an inspirational book for entrepreneurs and SMBs, he weaves risk management into business process outsourcing, crypto-business consulting and education. He can be reached by email, here.

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