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Lukka products make forensic accounting for crypto assets possible. We have purpose-built products that analyze, interpret, and summarize large volumes of financial and business transactions.  Learn More

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All of our products are built to institutional standards - AICPA SOC controls are just the beginning.

Learn about our security and data protection measures, regular compliance checks through internal reviews and audits, and the availability of our cloud services worldwide.

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The traditional technology you are using is not built for crypto assets.

Lukka is the first choice of crypto-asset funds and fund service providers. More of the world’s funds, fund administrators, and fund auditors choose Lukka over any other provider because we understand the importance of accuracy in reporting. Firms like State Street, Polychain, and eToro are among the customers that leverage Lukka’s Enterprise Software and Data to streamline crypto asset data, support NAV reporting, and more.

A crypto back office may seem impossible to manage without purpose-built infrastructure, data, and software to manage crypto asset data.

Lukka supplies data and technology to traditional financial institutions that are at the forefront of the crypto ecosystem. S&P Dow Jones Indices, State Street, IHS Markit leverage Lukka’s institutional-grade data and software solutions as they launch new crypto business lines beyond traditional finance. 

We work with Exchanges, Wallet Providers, Trading Desks, Protocols, and everything in between.

Lukka serves customers like USDC, Shapeshift, and Protocol Labs to reconcile billions of transactions, prepare for financial audits, maintain blockchain nodes, and more. Our custom solutions and dedicated customer success team ensure your middle and back-office operate with accuracy and transparency.

Your clients are trading crypto-assets—Do you have the right technology to support their needs?

The crypto ecosystem has given rise to a need for new technology solutions to support reporting and audits. Whether you perform financial audits, reconciliations, or assist in tax filing, Lukka’s institutional grade AICPA SOC data and software solutions will ensure that you have confidence when supporting your clients as they interact with crypto.

Lukka helps governments around the globe stay up to date and prepare for the future of crypto assets and blockchain.

Are you looking to understand blockchain, crypto-assets, and all of the many terms such as forks, airdrops, mining, and staking? Lukka works with governments and regulators around the world to ensure they can keep pace with the rapidly innovating crypto ecosystem.

Our Products

Lukka provides the world’s most trusted and accurate data and software solutions that streamline the middle and back-office and power the future of global finance. Our institutional-grade products are built within an AICPA SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II infrastructure and raise the standards through hands-on experience serving the most complex businesses in crypto. Lukka’s solutions are used by the top financial institutions, enterprises, tax professionals, and the savviest consumers around the globe.

For Businesses

Enterprise crypto data and software services to streamline middle and back-office processes.

Enterprise Data

Institutional-grade data solutions built with a focus on data quality and transparency.

Enterprise Software 

Enterprise software built to simplify managing crypto assets and crypto asset data.


Tax and Business Reporting 

Tailored reporting solutions for client/investor or internal reporting needs (Client/Investor Reports, 1099-B Services, and more).


Custom Solutions

Custom data and software solutions for bespoke business needs.

For Tax Professionals

With our leading crypto tax and accounting software, you can grow your current client accounts and gain new clients in this ever-expanding crypto ecosystem.

LukkaTax for Professionals

Scalable software to manage clients, calculate taxable income from crypto, and generate tax forms.


Custom Solutions

For businesses needing more than just software or data, we will work with you to build a solution specific to your needs.

For Individuals

For the savvy crypto individual investor, Lukka essentials is the easy and FREE way to manage your crypto portfolio. View multiple wallets at one time, generate your cryptocurrency or any other crypto asset tax reports as a retail consumer.


FREE crypto portfolio management, analytics, and tax software.

For Everyone

Regardless of your profession, education, or level of crypto acumen, we know you value learning about the digital asset industry, which is why we built Lukka Library. This free product is available for anyone interested in learning more about the crypto market and the future of finance. 

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…and hundreds more businesses.

Trusted by

…and hundreds more businesses

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Official partner

ROKiT Venturi

Official partner

ROKiT Venturi

Calculating Implied Volatility
and Implied Interest Rates for
Crypto is now possible.

Lukka is proud to announce the launch of the industry’s first
and only complete suite of data products focused on crypto exchange-traded derivatives. 


Two derived data products:
Lukka Implied Volatility
Lukka Implied Interest Rates


Two pricing and market data products:
Crypto Derivative Market Data
Lukka Prime – Fair Market Valuation